The Therapeutic Use of Music

By Clarkspur Emden

Music-as-therapy is nothing new. It has been around in many incarnations for thousands of years. But 21st century application deals with the emotional-physical, emotional-mental, and emotional-spiritual aspects more scientifically on one hand and quite primordially on the other. Why is this so? Mr. Vanni, in his many years of dealing with the public, countless students, musicologists, and other music specialists, has discovered one essential fact in using music as a therapeutic healing medium: one must emotionally and literally “break down” in order to do the work. Crying, for example, is a major component of this work. Humans usually live on the brinks of either memory and/or regret or some anticipatory projection in a possible future event. Living in the now becomes a major challenge for 21st century folk, because they are often living on the edge of emotional, financial, and career stressors.

By emotional, we mean lovers, husbands and wives, children, friends, relatives, and family in general. Money is most always a constant issue with most people and, of course, career considerations can be stressful in many ways, not the least of which is hating one’s work. So, at the cusp of all these stressors stands today’s over-busy, spread-thin population.

We treat ourselves to therapeutic use of music anyway, whether we’re aware of it or not: we listen to a favorite CD on the car stereo or in the kitchen when preparing food, at night in bed when we feel alone, on earphones as we sit before our computers, etc. But all of this seldom consciously addresses the deep-down layers that allow the mad-cycle of life to continue. It is here where true therapy must begin. Much of it begins with a life review as one is asked to listen to and then discuss the meaningful lyrics of a song. This Dario Vanni Method ©2008 forces one out of the comfort zones and crushes out all the safety nets one lives with every day. Once internal collapse occurs, then the magic re-building of one’s heart, mind, body, and spirit can begin. There is no more potent way to transform the self and get on with it, than by healing the things that have for so long kept the individual from assertion and confidence of one’s true place in the universe. Music is a great accelerator of this process. 



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