"The Black Widow Murders"

Dramatized with full cast and music


James P. Alsphert presents:

a Movies of the Mind audiobook

from the Cable Denning Mystery Series


"It's 1947. The world is changing. This time out, CABLE DENNING unveils a sinister plot of multiple murders for profit, so it seems. But in the meantime he encounters a magic phonograph that transmits holograms, finds help (and romance) with a very intelligent librarian named Maggie Loggins, runs into a couple of zombies under a seedy cocktail lounge, gets kidnapped by two voluptuous sisters who turned out to be transmogrified insects--and gets stumped trying to figure which one of two women could be killing off the multiple male victims--yep, a black widow is loosed and must be brought to justice!




Exciting Cable Denning fare!




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