"The Seven Fates of Kathmandu"

Dramatized with full cast and music


James P. Alsphert presents:

a Movies of the Mind audiobook

from the Cable Denning Mystery Series


Cursed by the Fates to be dead by December 31st, 1932, Cable journeys to Lama Daishi in the Himalayan Mountains to be cured of the curse. Betrayed and tossed out of an airplane without a working parachute, begins a heart-pounding adventure into the secretive and mysterious world of early 1930's Kathmandu, Nepal. Along the way Cable meets up with the simple, charming Devi, meets his real father, encounters the not-so-pleasant SEVEN FATES, learns the truth of his parentage and deals with falling into sexual addiction with the comely and sensual June Maye, a nightclub singer. On the road to self-destruction, Cable meets the beautiful Black Swan, and encounters a TRANSCENDER, a being 45,000 years advanced of humans! But the pressures of the world are too much for him and Cable Denning's life unravels as he sinks into a drunken oblivion, literally falls into the gutters of skid row to be left for dead--and forgotten. Can this be?



Is our hero finished?


And if not, who or what could possibly save him?



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